Saturday, February 25, 2012


So this is the story the media is selling -

NATO soldiers (yeah, that would be Americans) discover that terrorist prisoners are writing in their US taxpayer dollar funded Korans, so they can communicate with each other and possibly plan dastardly deeds.

So the soldiers confiscate the Korans, and in not wanting to do the wrong thing they research how to properly dispose of a Koran that has been desecrated.  Yes, by definition, if you scribble in a Koran you have desecrated it.

So it turns out that the way all the Muslim experts say you should dispose of a desecrated Koran is to burn it.  Okay, fine, so the soldiers do it.

Some locals promptly discover the charred remains and proceed to go batshit crazy.   I know, what a shocker.

In the space of a few days 2 US soldiers are killed, a dozen Afghan citizens as well and as I write this a story just now has broken about 2 more US "advisors" being shot dead inside the Afghan ministry.


In the midst of this, our president sends a letter of apology to Karzi, which whips the nutballs into an even greater frenzy of rage.

Note to the POTUS - Saying sorry to crazy terrorist assholes just makes them madder.  They view it as weak and patronizing.

But then again, some kinds of apologies are the good kind.  Witness this heroic young lady.

Now that's the kind of apology I'm talking about.

These assholes can't handle a couple of books being burned.  Seriously, that's what all this insanity is about, a couple of books.

So they're sacred.  So what.  Deal with it.  The rest of us have to contend with works of art like "Piss Christ" and so on. Somehow we manage not to slaughter people and burn down the city.

Speaking of slaughter, how about that Syria.  Civilians butchered in the streets, and we do nothing.  

Now that's leadership.  

Maybe we should apologize.

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