Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ten Years of Regression

Firstly, there are idiots like this. Dennis Miller calls them out beautifully here.

Then, there are morons like this. Yes, I'm calling George Will, a conservative that I otherwise admire greatly, a moron. He has been a defeatist over the war on terror for over half a decade now. When it comes to Iraq and Afghanistan, he has no clue.

Finally, the biggest jackasses of all - the ones who are so full of self loathing and contempt that they are leaping out of their skin to throw our country under the bus.

Unfortunately, the last group is now conventional wisdom of the media and leftist elites.

Really? Is this what we've learned in the ten years since that fateful day?

I beg to differ.

This is a video I edited and posted in January of last year.

The music of Five for Fighting, and the pictures I found through simple google searches - speak perfectly to my thoughts and feelings on that day.

But let me also add what I put on facebook last week.

"Just remember; despite that the media and government will avoid saying this at all costs in the next few days - 9/11 was perpetrated by Muslim Extremists in the name of their faith.

They killed almost 3000 Americans because they hate us and they hate our freedom. And there are still Islamo-facists out there who want us dead, not because of what we have done, but because of who we are.

Never Forget. Never forget that Americans were forced to jump to their death because of these monsters. Never forget that we were all united against them in the days that followed.

The words of appeasement dominate our vocabulary today and threatens to consume us. I pray most of us will have the courage to remain defiant against the people among us that would have us tolerate the insanity of sharia law in our midst."

This innocuous little post - which I would hope echoes the inner sentiments of most Americans of all faiths, was branded as "the voice of hate" by someone that, until I was summarily de-friended, I thought was a reasonable liberal.

I'm beginning to think that they are far and few between.

There seems to be a real disconnect in the liberal mind, between logic/reason and emotion/reaction. It stems from complete indoctrination into an anti-American world view that is bolstered by an utter lack of ability in reading and comprehension.

All my post said, was a statement of fact. There was no judgement therein, no supposition, and absolutely no condemnation of the Muslim faith at large.

I know practicing Muslims. I've been to half a dozen Muslim countries. I know of what I speak.

Muslims, by and large, are peaceful and good people. Just as most Christians are.

When the left calls out radical evangelicals, the kind that shoot abortion doctors and bomb clinics - where is the stampede of accusations from the right?

Oh yeah, right wing Christians are able to distinguish the majority of their flock (peaceful, law abiding) from the nutballs.

But I say a completely factual statement about 9/11 and the RADICAL Muslims that perpetrated it - and I'm the "voice of hate."

Give me a break.

Read this carefully - RADICAL Islamo-Fascists hate America because they hate freedom. Their twisted view of a peaceful religion colors everything they are trying to accomplish - which is primarily to kill as many Jews and westerners as they can.

Our foreign policy has jack shit to do with their motivations. It is who we are, not what we have done, that fuels their hatred.

Frankly, I can be ostracized by my friends and even family until the cows come home and I will not lose my courage.

I will always remember September 11th, 2001 as a day that freedom was attacked by evil.

A day when we resolved to strike back at our attackers - and did so. And in the end we prevailed.

And I will teach my daughter these simple facts.

God willing she will be a "voice of hate" - in other words, she will be courageous in speaking to the truth. She will not blink in the face of ostracism and being shunned, dismissed by those who are more comfortable smearing and shrieking than discussing the cold reality of evil.

She will not back down to anger. She will not be intimidated by histrionics and posturing.

She, like my father before me, will only be interested in the truth - no matter how "uncomfortable" it makes those who wallow in the indulgence of self-loathing and fear.