Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Good job ass-clowns of Oakland, LA and New York!  Nothing says justice like smashing up your own stores and beating up your own neighbors.  Now you've convinced me that I was way off on this Zimmerman thing - I should've known better!  Rather than look at the evidence and the law, FUCK IT.  Just start smashing shit.  Awesome!

Clearly this is all whitey's fault.

Oh by the way... how's that 50% drop out rate going?  How's that 70% of babies born out of wedlock thing working out? Still having fun with that 40% of the prison population thing?  And best of all the insanely high murder rate - blacks make up 16% of the population, they have 49% of the homicides and 93% of them are black on black.

And now black kids should be afraid to go get some Skittles because of maniacal white people with guns. (Never mind that Zimmerman was Hispanic).


Fantastic.  You've convinced me.  Just stay the fuck out of my neighborhood.

And if you do wake up and realize that you've been duped by race hustlers who don't give two shits about you or your community, then we might have something to talk about.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Omg, the stupid Zim trial is now the lead story on my fave show on Fox, The Five. I could care less about this crap, really.

Don't care what the verdict is, don't care about this incident whatsoever. There are tons of cases just like this all the time, and the media chooses to inflate this into race baiting nonsense purely for ratings and all it does is piss people off.  Eff Zimmerman, eff racialists, eff social justice, eff them all right in the ear.

I don't give two shits what the jury does and don't give a flying fuck at a rolling donut if morons riot and burn down their own neighborhoods when this asshole walks.

A part of me though wishes, that more people cared about the every day violence in lower income communities. But no, it's far more productive to harp on about a "white Hispanic" (whatever that is) who like a wannabe vigilante dummy confronted some punk kid who decided in turn to beat his ass and then got shot for it.

Can you tell I despise both parties in this case? It's true, they both piss me off. I'm an equal opportunity hater. I have little use for idiots no matter what convenient pigeon hole the media tries to ram them into.

Also, notice that I just stick to the facts of the case?  It blows my mind how many people have been duped into seeing an agenda of "good" vs. "evil" rather than a tragedy with deeply flawed human beings on both sides.  There are no winners here and I REFUSE to give either side too much credit or blame.

In all honestly if I was on the jury I could probably be convinced to find the Zimster guilty of something, but I have enough of a rudimentary knowledge of criminal law to understand that what happened wasn't anything close to murder one and that it wasn't really anywhere near murder two either. "Beyond a reasonable doubt" means what it means.

In any event, if the jury does come down and find Zimmy guilty of murder, I will be mildly disappointed and then get on with my life.  If they find him guilty of manslaughter I will be perfectly fine with it, if they find him not guilty I'll be okay with that as well.

The truth is, I can't have a really strong opinion about the particulars of the case because I've been trying my best to avoid them!

But even as someone who doesn't know the mechanics of the case - as a truth seeker who is intellectually as honest as I can be and about as color blind as anyone I know, it's clear Mr. Z is not a murderer.  He may very well be guilty of manslaughter (either voluntary or involuntary) or he may have committed a justifiable homicide in self defense.  Either way I don't really know and I really really really DON'T GIVE A FUCK.

Or maybe I'm just a racist.

And that, more than anything is what pisses me off about this case. Forget the pedestrian facts of the case, forget that this shit is really nothing more than a dime a dozen homicide with tragic circumstances.

Let's look at it for what it is - A CRIME AGAINST BLACK PEOPLE.

What the fuck ever.

I can use all the logic and reason in the world and none of it makes a difference to the race baiters, both black and white.  Honestly, their stupidity makes me want to say "Okay, whatever, I'm a racist. So what? Fuck you." And that is a bad thing because it means that someone who has tried to be thoughtful and lead a tolerant existence for all of his life is now enraged enough to entertain the idea that the majority of these social justice dopes aren't worth even talking to.


Really I should feel pity.  Pity for the white folks who are so full of self loathing and guilt that they can't see the banal and boring truth of this tragedy.  Pity for the black folks who are so full of anger over perceived injustices, real ones in the past and all too often imagined ones in the present, that they sling the "r" word about randomly as a catch all exertion of power to bring an absolute end to any and all intellectual discussion.

The word "racist" has lost all actual meaning and is now only used as a cudgel, a blunt instrument that says SHUT THE FUCK UP to any flicker of truth that might flare up among the embers of discord and divide so carefully stoked by academic elites and their working class ghetto pawns.

Well guess what.  I ain't buying it.  And I DON'T CARE.

And whatever decision the jury delivers, I won't lose a wink of sleep over it.