Wednesday, November 07, 2012

No excuses.

Dear Mr. President,

Alrighty, the American people have spoken.  And I am truly grateful there was no controversy as there was in 2000.  A clear cut winner, even if it's you, is better than a nail biter with the other guy on top.

I wish you the best of luck and hope that you can actually format a plan now that you have no one to spend 100 million dollars attacking.

The campaign is over son, time to put your big boy britches on.

Will you play another 100 rounds of golf? Will Michelle continue to vacation relentlessly, everywhere from a multi million dollar Italian villa to the slopes of Switzerland with her entourage of friends and groupies?

Who knows.  Who cares.

Once again, the campaign is over - now it's time to do your job.

I pray for your safety and success.  You're going to need it.

And I don't want to hear about Bush, I don't want to hear about the Republican House of Representatives.  I want you to man up and own these next four years.

And make no mistake, the numbers don't lie - you have failed miserably on nearly every point so far, especially on our floundering economy, which is still slowly recovering despite your best efforts.

I'm glad you killed Bin Laden, and I'm glad you continue to follow the Bush doctrine overseas, again - despite your best efforts.  Whatever happens, don't stop with the drones and don't take your foot off the gas of our soldiers killing bad guys.  But I fear that your foreign policy naivete', though endearing in the eyes of self-loathing Jews and porridge brained liberals, might just be too strong.  Four more years is a long time to try and keep bullshitting now that most of the world is on to your appeasement/apology game.

I also despair that knee deep into your second term, the light bulb might never go on, that you might never get it.  That your old fall mantra of"millionaires and billionaires" needing to pay their "fair share" is probably the biggest load of horseshit unleashed upon the American people since Woodrow Wilson tried to strong arm and crush free enterprise through legislative thuggery. I know that eventually the majority of the country will wake up to this, but I fear you may not.

But for now I will put these fears aside.  It is morning in America, after all.

In the end, I have just one wish for you.  I wish that you know, if you don't already, that the United States of America is the greatest country on God's green earth with the greatest system of free enterprise ever known and should NEVER apologize for this.  America is exceptional, period.  We are blessed more than any other nation, and with this blessing comes the responsibility to embrace and protect our greatness.  We should not strive to be "more like Europe" or "less arrogant" or any other childish platitude.   As I said, it's time to man up.  It's time to grow up.

No excuses.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Evil Voting Guide 2012

Here's your handy dandy evil voting guide for 2012!

Romney, obviously.  But I really don't think it will make that much difference.  Mittens is too squishy on his numbers, and I seriously doubt he will implement the austerity necessary to get our nation back to the realm of fiscal solvency.  Still, I'm not voting for the fruit loop.

Not voting for Feinstein, she of the uber-entitled entrenched politician.

Voting for her completely inexperienced opponent, Emken, who at least has the balls to say she would take on Fieney anytime and anywhere.  Meanwhile Diane is a big fat chicken shit.

The propositions -

A HUGE no on 30.  It will not go to schools, it will go to entirely to pensions.  California spends a ton of money on education, 40 cents of every CSI tax dollar goes to schools and they still SUCK.  Not doing it.  Mostly because I hate children.

A NO on 31.  Bureaucratic gobbledygook that is vague over what to do with a mountain of tax payer dollars.  How about less taxes and getting your grubby paws off my GD money?

32 is a HUGE YES.  Screw the public sector union leaders that are bankrupting this state.  Finally a measure that says NO to cronyism and corruption and the stranglehold that union goons have on spineless Sacramento politicians.

33 - let's you keep your discount if you switch insurance companies.  Mmmmm, gonna have to go with no.  I hate insurance companies, but I hate our government regulating them even more.

34 - death penalty repeal to "save money".  Nope.  I am fairly anti-capital punishment, but I also respect the rule of law and see this measure as an absurd smokescreen for the nutty bleeding hearts who don't actually give a shit about saving money and even less of a shit about the rights of victims.  We need to speed the appeal process and start executing the monsters on death row if we are serious about saving money.

35 - increases penalties for human trafficking.  A big NO.  Just kidding.  This is the one prop that only a complete jackass would come out against.  It's like saying, "absolutely pedophiles should be set free"or some such BS.  If anything this prop isn't strong enough.  You traffic people, especially kids, you should never see the light of day.

36 - revises 3 strikes to violent crimes only.  HUGE FUCKING NO.  I put this one above even voting no on 30 and yes on 32.  3 strikes is a God send and one of the biggest reasons crime rates are so low.  Because authorities can now blast habitual offenders with 25 years for "non-violent" crimes, we have FAR less gang members amongst us.  It's called the "broken window theory" and it works great for keeping us safe.  For every idiot pot smoker languishing in jail who shouldn't be, there's a thousand or more truly dangerous criminals who have mercifully been taken out of society and can't commit the atrocities they were likely to commit.  God bless our cops and God bless 3 strikes.  I pray it keeps it's teeth.

37 - labeling law.  A big ass NO.  More needless and absurdly written regulation will cost business money and do little to keep us safer.

38 - NO.  See 30 above.  Though this bill is at least honest in that it will tax everyone and the money will go directly to local schools.  Might be inclined to vote yes except my kid goes to Burbank public schools and they are already excellent because it is a small district that keeps a tight control on not pissing away it's funds on perks and wasteful pipe dreams.

39 - punishes multi-state businesses by requiring them to pay full California state tax on all profits from California.   Do I really need to tell you how I'm voting on this one?  Um...  NO.

40.  Redistricting for state senate.  Yes, only because it can't really hurt at this point.  Probably a scam, but our legislature is so beyond boned right now it's not even funny.

Measure A - turns county assessor from an elected to an appointed position.  Um... NO. Bad idea jeans.

Measure B - requires adult film stars to wear a condom.  Um... NO.  Who cares?  And why does the government?

Measure J - extends sales tax in L.A.  If you wonder how I'm voting on this one then you haven't been paying attention!