Sunday, August 28, 2005


A group larger than "camp Casey" has descended on Crawford Texas, as the final stop on their "You don't speak for me Cindy" campaign.
CNN actually has better coverage than Fox of this here.
Now once again, don't get me wrong; I believe Cindy and her ilk have every right to take advantage of our liberal media and rant on about their wacky views, but I'm glad at last finally the other side has had a chance to say - "Hey! Guess what! Most military families don't feel the way you do. "
Whatever your feelings on the war, and I have my own doubts, our priority should be to win, and I believe what Cindy and co. are doing, no matter their good intentions, is undermining that effort.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Oh my goodness, how offensive!

Every other wednesday I play poker with some dudes from work, the game starts at 730, so between 5 when I get off work and gametime I have a chance to steal away to the theater to catch a film. The film must start between 515 and 530 and must be less than 2 hours long, and it must be at the Arclight or Chinese. Suffice it to say I'm not always able to see what I want, but last week I really lucked out. 
If, and this is a BIG IF, you are not offended easily then you should run, to your nearest art house theater and see "The Aristocrats" before it goes away - which will probably be sooner rather than later. If you do miss it, a DVD rental is essential. I plan to purchase it for sure. 
The premise of the movie is simple, various comedians -about 50 or so, all take their turns telling the same joke and talking about it. The joke? A classic that goes back over a hundred years, to the days of vaudeville and before, and is now shared among comedians as a kind of bonding fraternity thing. 
The joke itself is simple enough, I won't ruin the movie by telling it in it's simplest form. 
Guy walks into a talent agents office and says "I've got the best, most unique family act you've ever seen!" 
Talent agent says "What is it?" 
The guy proceeds to describe a family act that includes the most vile and repulsive things imaginable. 
(This is the part of the joke that is different for every comedian, the art is in coming up with the most creatively despicable behaviors for the guy and his family to act out.) 
The agent is non plussed and asks "So what do you call the act?" 
"The Aristocrats!" is the pleasant reply. 
This is not a joke neccessarily for the general public, and part of the coolness of it is that it is truly a joke for comedians, who have shared this among each other for decades. There are countless variations, but the structure is fairly consistant. 
I laughed so hard I cried on several occasions; I particularly loved the versions from the South Park kids, a mime, and Bob Saget. 
Gilbert Godfried also emerges as a surprising comedy God among comedians. 
See this movie now! Take the family! (Not!) This movie is probably the most offensive film I have ever seen, and God helped me I loved it.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Okay, I just have to say it...

This woman is driving me nuts. Don't get me wrong. My heart goes out to her. As a new father I can only imagine how unbearable the loss of a child must be. But to stand on top of your dead childs memory and betray that childs beliefs to promote your own, that just sickens me. In this case, it is a fact that Sheehan's son was a 24 year old educated adult who chose to not only enlist, but specifically go to Iraq. Whether Miss Sheehan is right or wrong, which is certainly open to debate, the fact that she disgraces the honor of her son seems to be lost on many Americans.

Manzoni in the house.

Yo! Yo! Yo! Boyeee.....