Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Didn't vote for him...

... but at this point I wish I had.  Trump has been out of the gate pretty amazing - doing exactly what he said he would.  I loved his inauguration speech, although it seemed at the time a bit ridiculous that we have been put in a place where the President of the United States has to re-assert what should be a fundamental understanding - that we are indeed a shining beacon of hope and a symbol of freedom to the rest of the world.

Right now I am thoroughly enjoying the cascading liberal tears, a giant big blubbery mess across social media and the entertainment world.  I feel like Cartman in Southpark who also enjoyed feasting on the tears of his opponents.  "Mmmmm Scott... your tears are so delicious!"  This has indeed been a couple of weeks of schadenfreude of the highest order.

Of course it would be more enjoyable if the progressive press had once ounce of self awareness or nuance when it comes to the president and his agenda.  They all seem absolutely shocked, shocked I tell you, that the president is applying the same boundless energy and determination to his office as he did to his business.

Well I say they can sit and spin.  We had to endure not only Obama for eight years, but his knob gobbling press corp.  Now liberals, the sheltered elites in their coastal enclaves of iPhones and mocha lattes, can suck on some good old fashioned clarity of purpose for a change.  This is turning out to be quite enjoyable.

And if they think it's going to change any time soon - they've got another thing coming.  Trump is feeding right into the hopes and dreams of the right of center God fearing patriots like me.  That's right - we are the best, and we are going to secure the border and we are not going to tolerate state sponsored terrorism.  We are going to put American jobs and interests first, and we are not going to cow tow to any more politically correct nonsense.

It's over.  And keep doubling down on your racialist dim-witted view of the world and see how far it gets you.  Recently Hot Air showed this map - the county by county results across the country in the last election.  It really says it all.

Yeah, enjoy that?  This doesn't even take into account Governors and State Legislatures which are now fast approaching 100%  That's right - 44 states now have either a GOP Governor or Legislature or both (25)  Crazy.  But completely predictable.

So in 2008 we protested Obama - Tea Party activists from all walks of life marched on Washington, taking time out of their work week to show pride and patriotism and left the mall far cleaner than they found it.  They obeyed laws so traffic could flow free, they arrived with a clear agenda that could be summed up in one phrase - Lower taxes, smaller government.  It was a beautiful thing.

Today,  coddled pudding brained elites show up for a hang out at airports, sipping on their overpriced caffeinated beverages and harassing travelers, blocking roads and snarling commerce.  And what are they protesting exactly?  Ask a dozen marchers and you will get a dozen different answers.  And then it's back to work during the week.  All the while supported by an increasingly obsolete press that is just as scatter brained and frantic as they are.  Yes, they get a pass for their antics and disruptions - tea partiers were called terrorists from the get go.

Well, that's all fine and dandy, but really who's laughing now?   Um, I am.  This administration is only going to get better and better as the left spirals into a spectacular death throes.  Your world view is obsolete, your 70 year old failed war on poverty, your racialist identity politics, soon will be thrown on the garbage pile of history.   The rest of us will stand with pride behind a man who appeared at first to be the most unlikely of catalysts for a conservative revolution.

Thanks to the never ending petulant temper tantrums of the left, never-Trumpers like me are now giving the man a chance, and so far, boy has he ever delivered.

Monday, January 09, 2017

Why do we care?

Why do conservatives care at all when Hollywood nitwits like Meryl Streep and others gather together to congratulate each other for being so great and then use the platform to wag their fingers at those they disagree with?

There is a reason that 33 states have Republican governors and 32 have GOP majority legislatures, and I detailed that reason two posts below; and this simple truth should make us question why it is that what someone who acts for a living (and is very successful at it) gives a lecture on politics, we should even bother to be annoyed.

Well we should, at least a little bit.

I realize that these days everyone's outraged all the time, but it's okay to be put off by Ms. Streep's sanctimonious proclamations and here's why.

No one wants to be lectured on politics, least of all when they are in a venue that is supposed to be primarily a-political.  Allahpundit on Hot Air put it brilliantly, and I'm paraphrasing - Imagine you walked into a bank to do business and the teller took time out from the transaction to lecture you on politics and they happened to be political views that you disagreed with.  You would be significantly put off.  The simple incongruity of the time and place would be enough to say 'Huh?" regardless of which side the bank teller was coming from.

Now I get it that movies are very often overtly political, and I'm absolutely fine with that.  Art is often political in nature; but in my mind the best kind of entertainment and incidentally the most likely to change minds isn't a preachy screed ("Ms. Sloane" anyone?) but rather a story geared towards a general audience, in this case Americans.

We go to the movies to get away from our problems, to escape into a story and be entertained, enlightened and/or sometimes educated.  The latter two only work if the first point is present.  Movies must be entertaining to be relevant in my opinion.  If they are righteous and indignant about a political point of view, they become something else.  They could very well be good and important, but really that's what documentaries are for.

Political films are not necessarily bad, but easy enough to avoid if you don't care to endure them.  It is usually very clear in marketing what agenda a film may have, and if it isn't we are lucky enough to be in an age of information where we can readily learn what's going on before we plop down our hard earned cash to see a flick.

So movies represent our culture as Americans, the best of them can be a shining example that all Americans can look to for inspiration and passion that stirs the heart.  In this way, Hollywood is all of us.  It is one face, a very prominent face, to the world.  And we recognize these movies by having elaborate and very expensive television productions to hand out awards.

When someone in their moment of being adulated seizes the opportunity to shame others for their political or moral views, only the people who agree with them get anything out of it, and that is typically little more than smelling their own farts.  The rest of us are put off, just as everyone would be if they didn't agree.   So in this way the celebrity is actually hurting, not helping their cause.

Artists should have learned in 2016 that making one of those absurd videos with famous people in front of a blank background repeating the same words and sentences do great damage to what they are trying to push.

Here's the thing famous people, Americans are not impressed with what you have to say on politics because you are no more qualified than any of us to give an opinion.  And in many cases (Lena Dunham anyone?) it's painfully obvious that you are actually far less qualified than most of us.

So take a tip limousine liberal celebrities, if you want more and more Republican governors, state legislatures and the 8 full years with Trump, by all means keep right on what you're doing.  Keep making asinine and repetitive videos, keep getting up on soap boxes on awards shows to show us how ignorant you are.  It will keep this country red for a long, long time.