Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's too late.

I love my country and I support my president - but last night was horrific and heart breaking, by far the worst speech by a president since a peanut farming buffoon sat impotent in the throes of a national hostage crisis.

The Wall Street Journal sums up the particulars about the POTUS' catastrophic and deceitful reaction to the GOP's reshaping of the budget debate better than I ever could here.

But even a layman and political novice such as myself was taken aback as Obama's staggering lack of leadership and initiative was laid bare last night. The hot glare of truth can no longer hide that the junior Senator from Illinois who didn't draft one piece of even marginally significant legislation in his stunted term in office, is completely and utterly out of his depth and painfully ignorant of our constitution and all that it implies.

It goes beyond that he is going to raise taxes. On the super rich. And the rich. Oh, and probably me and you too. It goes beyond that he really sees this approach as the only viable solution to the fourteen TRILLION (with a T) dollar deficit that he has dumped on our children and grand and great-grand children. Soak the successful, because dammit, they have a patriotic duty to unload their "burdens" on the less fortunate.

No, this all goes to a fundamental precept of the left that rather than live within our means, and be fiscally responsible, we need to keep failed social programs right where they are and simply tax, print, or somehow magically produce more dollars. Unicorns and rainbows. Fucking brilliant.

Throwing money at a problem always works out. Just look at California schools. It is state law that 60% of all income taxes (which are the highest in the nation of course) go to education.

Our schools are ranked 47th out of 50 states and we have a 50% drop out rate among African Americans and a 25% drop out rate of ALL students. These numbers have not changed in 30 years, despite a massive upswing in funds.

This to me is such a basic, fundamental illustration of the fallacies in the thinking of "progressives". You cannot buy success and excellence - you have to earn it, by spending wisely and responsibly first, not just dumping billions of dollars in the laps of corrupt idiots.

I have long said that Obama will win handily in 2012, barring two occurrences. The first happened last night, Obama's staggeringly foolish lack of judgement and disconnection with the American people at large with a speech that is already going down in history as his "Waterloo" moment.

The second occurrence that will make Obama lose is the emergence of an electable and smear-resistant Republican candidate. So far this hasn't happened.

But regardless if Obama wins next year or not (laughably he's already kicked off his campaign, the only political arena as far as I can see where he really shines) I would posit that in many ways it's already too late for him and the party of entitlement.

I think I speak for many hard working and successful Americans when I say, Mr. President you need to keep your grabby grabby mitts off my God damn money.

I work for the government through April as it is, I'm not working beyond that.

You want to get a moderate, slightly right of center, usually thoughtful voter - who actually did ponder voting for you the first time - pissed right the fuck off?

Congratulations. Last night did the trick.