Friday, May 22, 2015

Dropping the BOMB.

I have never been one to swear too much on this blog, you may have noticed that in the last two years or so there has been an uptick, that's because my dad and grandmother are gone and no longer read, so I am less concerned about offending anyone.

I feel it's important to drop the occasional f-bomb here because I want this blog to be entirely accurate on how I feel - unfiltered.  I temper myself on Facebook quite a bit, and I think it's fair that I have a place where I can let loose a bit.  So if your ears are sensitive, this might not be the post for you.

You may not believe it, but overall I am actually not a giant fan of profanity.  However, I find it does on occasion find a useful purpose.  Lately the pressure cooker in my brain has been building, so in the interests of my own sanity and to blow off some steam so to speak, here, in no particular order here are the latest people and things that I think can utterly and sincerely FUCK RIGHT OFF.

Micro-aggressions and trigger warnings.

Anti-plastic bag ordinances.

People who say "I'm normally for free speech, but..."

Bullet trains to nowhere.

People who say "Faux News" instead of Fox News.

The college student with the mattress.

The $15 minimum wage.

Those who think hate speech should be a crime.

The Baltimore DA.

Obama's speech to the Coast Guard last week.

Firefighter cadets who can't pass their physical tests but graduate anyway.

Donald Trump.

The Delta Smelt.

Lena and Janeane.

The California legislature.

People who complain about too many super hero movies.

Hands Up, Don't Shoot

And so on and so on and so on.  Really, this is a grumpy old man post in so many ways.  I, for the first time in my life, feel truly disconnected with the younger generation; they seem very entitled and are far more concerned with 'feelings' and 'fairness' rather than logic and liberty.

Particularly irksome is the seemingly never ending stream of stories about the lunacy on college campuses.  This preoccupation the left has with creating 'safe spaces' free of discourse or original thought has chilled free speech beyond what we could ever imagine, turning what is supposed to be places of learning and growing into cocoons of infantilism and regression.

It puts me in a strange place because my kid, though she's only 11, will some day probably go to college.  I have long ago promised myself that I wouldn't overtly inflict my political views on her, I much rather she make up her own mind on all the issues as she gets older and gains a greater understanding of the world around her.

But I fear that when she goes to college the deck may be severely stacked against her when it comes to independent thought.  These by and large are no longer institutions of learning but rather indoctrination.  Where instead of being challenged to 'question authority', young minds are now encouraged to 'check their privilege'.   It is a disturbing mentality that pervades our universities, and personally I find it frightening and disgusting.

So, I'm afraid I have to renege a bit on my ideal idea of not getting my own politics tangled up in hers too early.  I simply cannot wait for her to be brainwashed by her teachers, even in middle and high school.

True story; her fourth grade teacher taught his students a historic quote every week.  It was all fine and dandy until Nat brought home a quote from Al Gore.  Then daddy had to step in and offer up a quote of his own... from the original environmentalist, Teddy Roosevelt.

"The pacifist is surely a traitor to his country and to humanity as is the most brutal wrong doer."

How do you like them apples teach?

And so it is, that I will continue to insert myself into my kids schooling as often as I can, and to offer a counter point whenever I encounter lazy thinking.  You see, it's not so much the liberal ideology I mind, what I really can't stomach is the presumption, the arrogance, the laziness and lack of critical thinking that is bound to pop up more and more as my daughter's education continues.

I will be right there to counter balance, to offer a different perspective, to get my kid to actually challenge presumptions and yes, respectfully question authority.

Above all, I hope and pray that even if she comes out seeing things differently than I, it won't be for lack of thought or effort.  I hope she gets to travel as I have, so that she can appreciate what we have here and understand that it's easy to be flip and dismissive when you have no concept of what the world is really like.

Anyways, looks like I got a bit off track - I've been a bit consumed with despair and anger over the younger generation's utter lack of thoughtfulness when it comes to the world at large.  Glad I could find my bearings through my kid, she really is the best thing I've ever done and she is turning out so awesome.  Super smart and utterly capable of dealing with all the nonsense out there.  I have to remember, when I get down, that there is hope in the next generation.  Even if it is only just my kid, at least there will be someone who gets it.