Thursday, September 22, 2016

I got nothing.

 Good people of Charlotte North Carolina, I've got nothing for you. Really.

A black guy with a gun won't drop it when commanded to do so, a black cop shoots him, and the whole city explodes. Makes absolutely zero sense. How can we still be so divided?  Black president and two black Attorney Generals. Black mayors everywhere, the majority of leadership in most big cities - people of color, the majority of police forces in Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia, New Orleans, all people of color.

 I've got nothing for you guys, really.

Clearly, there's a problem. But what's the problem? Is the problem that rioting is enjoyable? Sure seems like it to me. People in the streets laughing and looting and burning, hurling rocks and spitting at police officers. Who exactly are they trying to convince that their cause is just? Looks like nobody to me, looks like they're having a great time.

I am not voting for Trump, but the basket of deplorables is not the people voting for him. The basket of deplorables lit up my television last night.

 Much more understandable if people were to riot, is the people of Tulsa Oklahoma. And yet, they are calm and are staying in their homes. If ever there was a reason for civil unrest and for anger it was this incident. A man, most likely high on PCP which was found in his car, refuses to comply and walks away from the police. The itchy trigger finger of an inexperienced female officer twitches and the man falls, dead.

 The officer has been charged, and rightly so it seems, with manslaughter of the first degree.  All the
facts are not out yet, but it appears that this shooting was unjustified. But apparently facts don't
matter to the people of Charlotte. Feelings prevail, anger triumphs, America loses.

I am a lover of cold, indifferent math. Numbers simply don't lie, and the numbers say whites are more often killed by police than blacks, by a lot.  If you Google this, you will be inundated by a slew of liberal websites that twist the facts and neglect to point out the fact that the numerical majority of crimes in this country are committed by black people despite making up only 16% of the population entire. And yet whites are twice as likely to be killed by cops. If you want some semblance of the truth, click here.

 But facts don't matter. Only feelings matter.  Only color of skin matters. The great unifying spirit of Lincoln and King, is being tossed aside in favor of identity politics and division. Social justice warriors don't want dialogue, they want utterly unconditional transformation and the destruction of American society.

 Not this white boy, sorry. Fuck right off with that shit.

 I refuse to give into despair. I refuse to secede any ground to anger and hate. I refuse to see anyone as a race before I see them as a person. I do not discount someone's opinion simply because of the way they look.  That is what the left does.  Not this conservative, no way no how.


The bigger issue at play here, is that there's a much bigger issue at play here.  The majority of the protestors in Charlotte the other night who were arrested for breaking stuff and acting a fool, were from out of state.  Over 70% according to the Charlotte PD.

This pretty much says it all.  People aren't marching because they want relations to improve between blacks and cops, they are marching because they hate this country and they want to tear down the system whole cloth.

Of course there are some of them who do want dialogue and change - but I'd wager dollars to cop donuts that most, especially those in the George Soros funded astro-turf group - the ones who literally get paid to be there and then get to burn cop cars for fun as well - do not give a rats ass about making things better within the system we have.

Well verily to thee I say unto that, once more - fuck that shit.

Our country isn't perfect by any means, but it is the best thing going by far.  I'm not on board with transforming America into a progressive cesspool of taxing people into poverty and putting people into jobs that they aren't qualified for.

I believe in freedom, and that includes the free market and the freedom to bear arms.  I will not concede one inch to bully SJW's who hate America.  If you want to deal with the real and challenging issue of cops interacting with people of color, that's fine.  In fact that's great.  We can always learn more and make changes for the better.

But if you want to fundamentally change our way of life, no.  If you want to soak the 'rich' and regulate society into nanny hell oblivion, no.  If you want to just watch things burn, hell to the no.

Most Americans were disgusted with shitty backup quarterback Kapernack's disrespect of our military, and most are now disgusted with the rioting in Charlotte.  Want to actually affect positive change?  Throw away your radical activism and the violence that inevitably goes along with it and get some understanding of God fearing American patriots.  There are way more of us than there are of you.

Sit down, discuss and listen.  Recognize that getting rid of some things; the 2nd amendment, vigorous law enforcement for all potential criminals, long sentences for repeat offenders, is entirely off the table. Understand that we possess the American values of hard work, honesty, compassion and humbling ourselves before God.  And those values are also non-negotiable.

But don't burn cop cars and call it righteous, don't scream to the heavens that a man was unarmed when he damn well was.  I am on board with positive change, but to get there radical activists are going to have to let go of their progressive atheism-infused doctrine and grow up.