Thursday, February 16, 2012

The grown-up in the room.

Recently an old family friend shared this on facebook.

She, like many from her generation, is a died in the wool liberal, and this cartoon was meant as a cutting jab to the heartless republican establishment.

I saw it and laughed out loud and thought to myself - "That's right, the answer is no!"

This cartoon absolutely nails the reality of being a conservative in the information age.  And for me it was like a big lightbulb going off and illuminating why I so often face hostility among my friends and family when we discuss politics.

It's because I have to be the grown-up and point out uncomfortable truths and set limits.

I find it very similar to occasional interactions with my child.  For example, on Valentines day she comes home with a bag full of cards and candies.

"Daddy, can I have a chocolate turtle?"  (This is right after I pick her up after school)

"No sweetheart, it will be your dinner time when we get home."

"Ohhh...." She pouts, crosses her arms and stamps her foot.  She doesn't throw a tantrum, but she clearly resents not being able to have candy.  Clearly, it's Valentines day!

Daddys are so mean.

Yes, we conservatives are the parents - and believe me, it really sucks.  It sucks to be "mean" and say how it is, knowing we have to face pouty faces and temper tantrums.  (The liberal equivalent being regular and surprisingly vicious ad hominem attacks on our integrity.)

The lightbulb became especially bright for me when, two days after I saw this cartoon - I stumbled across this video.

This, says it perfectly.

There is a pervasive infantilism in many baby-boomers, and unfortunately it's infected a good chunk of my generation as well.  Children don't want to hear that they can't get away with their selfishness and can get hostile when confronted with this fact.

It sucks that we have to be the ones to point out that people have to be held accountable for their actions and that in fact, there are actually real world standards of right and wrong.

It makes liberals indignant when I tell them that they can't have a cookie (health care) before dinner (without paying for it).

It makes liberals petulant when I tell them that bullies (Islamo-fascists) don't want to talk (negotiate peace) they just want to punch their lights out (the destruction of Israel and the USA).

And it especially makes liberals lose their tempers when I inform them that no, they can't simply take money (tax) from someone else who has worked hard for it (CEO, small business owner, etc.)  and give it to their friends (people who will vote for them.)

That's called stealing children, and giving people you like treats, that you've taken from someone else, so they will be your friends doesn't mean they are really your friends.

I like this metaphor!   It really does explain a lot of the hostility I've received over the years.

I just have to remember, that though children don't like rules - deep down they really do need them.

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