Friday, March 02, 2012

A bit much.

As you probably know, I'm a pro-choice, pro-birth control kinda guy.   I abhor abortions, but in the long run we have less of them if we keep it safe and legal.  Look anywhere in the third world and you can see this, especially in South America -  mostly Catholic countries with a fraction of our population and twice as many abortions despite the practice being widely illegal.

As for birth control, it is simply a practical necessity these days with modern human beings.  We no longer need to have 9 kids so 6 of them can survive and work in the fields.  I find it pretty absurd that religious types try to impose their bizarre and backwards view of sexual health on the rest of us, even more ridiculous is the bible thumping elements in the GOP (you know, the party of smaller and less intrusive government) sticking their noses into our bedrooms.

That said, I have to admit this was pretty incredible to watch...

Uh, huh.



I am, truly speechless.


Okay, after reflecting a bit I have a couple of thoughts.

Rush Limbaugh went on the air shortly after this and called Sandra a "slut" and a "prostitute".  Whatever, like that's the worst thing he could say.  Who cares?  Aren't we all human beings who enjoy sex?  Albeit not all of us enjoy it with lots of different random people, as the lame word "slut" implies. Such a dreadful word, only because it has such a negative double standard against women, that is firstly because it is super negative against only women who are promiscuous.  There is no equivalent term for a man.  And second, because having sex can often be a very positive thing and is also very important to living healthy.

But what a stupid thing for RL to say about this porridge brained idiot; her sex drive has nothing to do with her stance.  It's her smug, privileged and decadent self of entitlement that boggles my mind.  Really?  You want congress to pay for your birth control?  Are you kidding me?   And the absurd part of the video - that young women are being shamed at campuses across the country when they realize that their insurance doesn't cover the pill?    So they can't go home and bone away?  They have to cough up big bucks (about a dollar) for a condom?   (Which she should be using anyway to cut down on the chance of catching something.)  Absolutely absurd.

Look.  I'm all in favor of women's rights and women's health care, but there has to be some responsibility and some accountability.   Sex is wonderful, sex is fantastic, sex feels good.  But sex also has consequences if done recklessly and/or in excess.  If you are old enough to be having sex, you need to be old enough to step up and be responsible for what happens afterwards - be it all manner of STD's or pregnancy.  It is not up to your mommy and daddy (that would be the government) to give you a free pass to fuck.

And I think that's what many on the left who are pro-choice get confused about.  They can't grasp that many taxpayers (though not necessarily me) are very offended by a white and privileged dunce like Sandra being indignant about not getting her license to bump uglies with some random drunk at a frat party.  Because that's what this incredibly stupid speech implies from the outset.   And I guess I can see why RL would take it a step further and make a moral judgement on Sandra's character.  I don't really agree with it, but if you have any bit of understanding of people who have different moral standards (that is, they actually have some) then you can at least see where they're coming from.  I can anyway.

So then, whatever, Limbaugh's a blow-hard, who cares.  But our President decides to go on television and call him out!  What a joke.

Why legitimize Rush?  Not very presidential.  I guess he thinks it's a political opportunity that was handed to him on a silver platter - but to me the President's acknowledgement of Rush as highly influential along with the fact that Rush clearly struck a nerve with Obama, just makes it seem as though the left might actually be on the wrong side of this young woman's character after all.

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