Wednesday, June 15, 2016

No go zone.

So my Facebook wall has basically been a disgrace for the past three days.

So much ignorance, so much knee-jerk emotion based hyperbole.

Not going to do it, not going to take the bait.  But I am going to let loose a little bit here so I don't have an aneurysm.


So against my better judgement, because my Facebook wall has basically been a relentless diatribe against guns from the moment the bodies hit the ground.

So this guy - 29 years old, born and raised here, contract employee of DHS, licensed to concealed carry, trained with US tax dollars to operate firearms, no criminal history, no history of mental illness except for complaints of racist and misogynistic behavior by his work colleagues which were ignored because he was a Muslim.

Florida - background check and waiting period that he went through an passed, because he had nothing on his record, thanks largely in part to political correctness and fear of being labeled racist.

Exactly what new laws are we talking about that would have stopped this?  I want specifics.

Oh, and please educate yourself, don't be ignorant.  An AR-15 is not an assault rifle, it is a 
civilian semi-automatic rifle that functions just like dozens of other rifles that happen to not look militaristic.  It is not a weapon of war, not even close.  A Glock in trained hands can be just as deadly, deadlier in California where AR-15s are limited to 10 rounds in a magazine that can only be changed with a tool.

And then there is the LGBT community's reaction, which is basically insane.

Gay people are under assault, not just from this jihadist, but from the Muslim community at large in the US and overseas. In Syria gays are flung from rooftops.  In Saudi Arabia they are whipped in soccer stadiums.  In all but a handful of Muslim countries it is flat out illegal to be gay.

The majority of all Muslims, not just radicalized ones, believe that being gay is immoral and that honor killings can be justified.

Brian Adams protests a bathroom law in North Carolina, after returning from a concert in Egypt - a country where admitting that you are gay will at minimum get you thrown in jail.

How exactly is the issue here guns?  Get specific. 

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