Monday, June 13, 2016

Knock it off.

The biggest terrorism attack since 9/11 went down last night in Orlando, 50 people slaughtered by a radical Muslim with a handgun and a rifle.   Those are the facts.  Here's what liberals on my Facebook would have you believe -

The biggest mass shooting in American history went down last night in Orlando, 50 gay people slaughtered by a crazy person with an assault weapon that should be illegal.

Honestly, I shouldn't be so aggravated by a simple difference in semantics, 50 human beings who were breathing before now aren't, thanks to a man who was clearly out of his mind - but I tell you, it does bug me.  A lot.

Liberals are allowed to post whatever they want, whenever they want.  Five minutes after the shooting?  Absolutely...

"It's all about gun control and the lack of it in this country."

Yeah, the bodies are still warm, but so what?

"Don't pray.  Religion is what started this in the first place"

Yes, that's literally a post.   Not radical Islam, religion, as if they are all equal.

"We need to talk about gun control."

No, how about you keep the fuck away from my guns.  We need to talk about radical Muslims first.

Honestly, I try not to be angry with my liberal friends, but sometimes they make it very hard.

It's like someone died from cancer and they want to talk about a vaccine for chicken pox.  Makes about as much sense.

But I, the conservative, I have to refrain - I have to not be hateful, I have to be (once again) the grown up.

That's why it's nice to have this blog.

Fuck gun control nuts.

Fuck radical Islam.

Fuck atheism.

And seriously, fuck someone who is gay and thinks that this is about gun control or about Americans intolerance of homosexuals.  This is about hundreds of millions of Muslims that hate you and they are not Americans.   It is illegal to be gay in all but a handful of Muslim countries.  In Qatar they hang you, in Yemen they stone you, in Syria they throw you off a roof.   Get educated about this sort of thing, the information is out there.

Honestly, I don't know if there is a bigger group of idiots on the planet than gay people who think that Christians are just as bad as Muslims.  Maybe Jews who don't support Israel.  Same idiocy, same self-loathing disease.

And if you think going after law abiding citizens is going to solve the problem of radical Muslims, you're a fucking moron.

Knock it off.

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