Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Don't be.

Recently in political discussions people have been assuming and lumping me in with religious nuts.

While I confess, I do believe in Jesus and his teachings, it's really kind of a private thing between me and him.

When it comes to my politics - my faith has both everything and nothing to do with where I stand.

Follow me if you can.

When it comes to who should be elected into higher office, I'm not interested in Jesus.  I'm interested in freedom.

I have very little in common with bible thumping loons.  I am a free thinking pro-choice, pro-gun, pro-capitalism, pro-gay marriage and pro-liberty dude from Berkeley California.

To me, freedom of the individual is sacred above all.  

I am against a redistribution of wealth, against the death penalty, against higher taxes and bigger government.

Most of all I am against someone else telling me how to live my life and taking the fruits of my labor and giving them to someone else.

Capitalism is what made and continues to make this country the greatest on God's green earth.

Our troops are what keeps us free.

What's between me and my God is my own business.

Clear things up a bit?

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