Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Teach Your Children Well

So the president will be addressing our kids. Should be okay. I guess.

I doubt he'll try to push any of his policies or reforms explicitly on them, he's a pretty smart and savvy man. Even moderates probably wouldn't stand for such an overt indoctrination. But the cynic in me suspects that Obama realizes that most of our nation's public school teachers will do the dirty work for him anyway.

Here's an example; and if my little girl was a bit older and happened to be in a typical urban public school (thankfully she's in a school where they say the pledge of allegiance every morning) she could very well be up against something like this: (Skip ahead a little bit to the classroom).

Now, to be fair, I am a political junkie of sorts and certainly in my adulthood I find myself a bit to the right of center. My wife however, while not politically apathetic, could care less about the latest Michelle Malkin column or what Keith Olberman has been saying about healthcare.

With that in mind, when it comes to my child, I sincerely don't plan to directly indoctrinate her with my own views. No doubt she'll adopt some of them by osmosis, but my fondest hope is that she'll make up her own sensible mind about politics and at the same time become as big a fan as me on government happenings and social issues of the day. I pray that she spends her time surfing sights like or instead of TMZ or Perez Hilton.

And in my fondest partisan dreams, I hope she'll be a wide eyed liberal in her teens (showing she has a heart), then surprise herself by adopting conservative views as she enters adulthood (showing she has a brain) and eventually find herself somewhere in the middle ground of common sense where she is able to cast aside ideology for a more practical and thought fueled approach. Always asking questions, always being a healthy skeptic.

In any case, I hope she can at least recognize the shrill insanity of the woman in the video (as I was able to in my addle-brained teachers at Berkeley High school) and come to her own more fact based conclusions on stuff that matters.

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