Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Global Change and Climate Warming

Been awhile!   Recently talked a bit about Global Warming (or whatever they're calling it this week on Facebook) and as usual I had a great home-run final response to post that was kick ass and long.

But the guy I was talking with is a friend of mine, smart fellow but alas to far gone to really appreciate my brilliance, so Imma post it here instead.

Right after someone posted a link about April being the "hottest April ever" (which is pretty absurd in itself) I fired back with...

"It was also the coldest winter on record last year, and we had record Arctic ice, the polar bear population crashed because there was so much ice they couldn't get to the seals.  Either way, regardless of what the numbers say or are manipulated into saying - ultimately it doesn't mean a damn thing to me.   Global warming is so far down the list of what I think is important to me and my family, it's kind of sad really.   Sorry, they have to do better.

The planet is four and a half billion years old.  I've been watching Cosmos, and if anything, it has made me more of a skeptic.  Tyson spends 50 minutes telling me to question everything and that the universe is infinitely old, and then he turns around and says "the science is settled" regarding global warming.  It's wacky, and frankly, it pisses me off to the point where I genuinely don't give a shit.   It's the boy who cried wolf on steroids.

Al Gore and his contemporaries have utterly failed to bring people in the middle and to the right of it over to the side of a cause that SHOULD be a no brainer, but isn't.  Turns out, he's the one without a brain. He sold his television station to the biggest propagators of oil on the planet giving a huge middle finger to the planet on his way out the door to a billion dollar pay day.

Instead of bridging the gap with dialogue and common ground, the whole global warming gang has devolved into a bunch of bullies who blacklist anyone who doesn't fall in line - and on top of this they don't offer any practical solutions except flushing money down their water saving toilets with projects like high speed trains to nowhere and other billion dollar boondoggles.  Remember Solyndra?  That whole thing is what the modern environmental movement is to me - a fucked up and decadent 1st world horseshit pet project with little bearing on the real problems of the world, a world of which I've seen an awful lot of (been to 40+ countries, many of them third world) and it ain't pretty.  Maybe we could work on sewage in India or depravation in the Sudan before people get in my face about plastic bags.

I know it sounds like another angry rant, but really, it's not.  I just frankly don't want to hear about global warming from politicians anymore.  This so called scientific consensus can keep their mouths shut too, as long as they aren't offering any real solutions.  I don't have time to deal with their self-aggrandizing crap.  No wonder the planet has a fever, it's full of hot air from these smug do-nothing jerks."

This blog is a much better place for my righteous smack-downs than facebook, right?

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