Wednesday, January 01, 2014

More of this, less of that...

Happy New Year to one and all.  2013 was fair enough, but there are certain things I want less of.

First and foremost, I want less outrage.  From everyone.  If 2012 was the emergence of perpetual outrage, 2013 was that anger coming fully into fruition.  In 2014, I refuse to be outraged.

In tandem with less outrage, I expect far fewer shrill accusations and labels. There were far too many vicious attacks this year - from all manner of idiots on both sides of the aisle, though admittedly from this right of center fellow's perspective, it always seems that the left has nearly cornered the market on most of the most outrageous smears.

Back in twenty aught eight, when Barry ascended the throne - I half joked among my liberal buddies that they couldn't call "racist" every 10 seconds anymore now that a good majority of voting citizens had put a black man in office.  But now, as the "r" word has been used to death in 2013 beyond all decorum or sense of reason, I am no longer joking.

As far as I'm concerned, the terms "racist" and "racism" have lost all meaning in any actual discussion.  Much as any "Hitler" comparison that you draw to your political opponent means that you are lazy and have lost the argument, this now also applies to any and all accusations of racism.  I don't want to hear the word, because it's been sucked dry and thoroughly used up by the hysterical left.

So that's what I want less of.  As for what I want more of - I only ask for one thing.

More shame.

I want more shame.  Less shamelessness.

From Miley, to Wiener to the crack smoking mayor of Toronto, I have absolutely had it with all these dick holes who think it's okay to be walking trainwrecks.  Lance Armstrong - you are a disgrace.  Dennis Rodman - North Korea is evil, the government kills tens of thousands every year.

All of you, yes Kim and Kanye, and I'm including you too, all you "Real Housewives" out there - find some shame.


I also want more hope and less hopelessness.  More humility and less hubris.  You know, the usual stuff.  Thankfully, the optimist in me truly believes this will be the way it is.  I am forever upbeat about the future - as my life has been so amazing and fantastic so far, I can't help but feel this way.

God bless us, every one.

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