Thursday, May 23, 2013

Is the long honeymoon finally winding down?

Responding (here rather than there) to a liberal friends half-hearted and half-joking facebook post which states -

"Looks like our Prez chose this month to give his critics the first actual shreds of evidence of what they'd been accusing him of for 4 years. Last week: tyrannical over-reach. Today: apology speech. Looking forward to next week's reveal of Kenyan birth certificate."

Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers, Van Jones, Bowing to the Saudi King, Middle East Apology Tour, A trillion dollars spent on Shovel-Ready Jobs that DIDN'T EXIST, White House Closed - Gitmo Open, 120 days of Golf (Bush 24), etc. etc.

Yep, nothing to see here but a pervasive culture of corruption and intimidation and an economy IN THE TOILET.  Thank goodness the sheen is off and the rest of you can finally see what this administration thinks of the first amendment.  Newsflash: it wasn't created to protect popular speech, it was created to protect UN-popular speech and the IRS scandal is mind blowing in it's disregard for our
Constitution and is stunning even to an ardent anti-Obama wingnut like myself.

And as far as I can see he hasn't owned jack shit.  He keeps saying the first time he heard about this stuff was when he saw it on the news.  So which is it - is he cunning and devious or staggeringly stupid and out of touch with the people under him?

In all honesty, my heart is a bit broken for our country, that this dangerously under-qualified clown has indeed met my worst fears and is threatening to exceed them.  I'll admit that the viscous and partisan part of me was initially happy that this dope finally managed to get the media to stop slobbering all over his wang by being such a fuck up - but deep down I really am sad.

Sad that his charade is now so transparent for all but the biggest kool-aid drinkers, sad that I myself was way more right than I ever wanted to be about him.

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