Thursday, July 28, 2011

Children please...

I'm disgusted with just about everyone involved in this debt ceiling thing, but I'm most disappointed (once more) with our president.

He takes to the airways not to lay out a plan of action, but to lay blame in the most churlish and childish fashion imaginable. It is beneath him and the office he holds. He hides behind his campaign mode to disguise the fact that he is in way over his head.

Meanwhile, conservatives now are fighting amongst themselves wether or not they should vote for Boehner's shitty short term plan that barely scratches the surface of the spending cuts that are needed.

On the other side, Reid and his cronies are proclaiming the GOP bill dead on arrival anyway, and have drawn up their own ineffectual plan which bears not much difference from the Boehner plan, other than it puts off having to actually deal with this crisis until after the 2012 election. Hmmm, imagine that.

Funny how the MSM and "conservatives" like McCain are spinning the GOP's division and ineffectiveness in hopes that the party in power will somehow be absolved of blame when the shit finally hits the fan. Sorry guys, it's 2 to 1, the president and the senate are democrats.

The former has no plan, the latter has a plan that is solely designed to kick the can down the road until after the election. Obama and his gang will take the hit on this if it goes south. That's just the way it is.

But regardless, if given a choice between stubborn ideologues who stand up for what they believe in, and political opportunists who are more concerned with saving their own asses than finally acting like adults and cutting spending, I'll go with the wing nuts, thanks. As annoying as they can be, at least they aren't trading in their souls for political expediency.

That said, I really just wish all these a-holes would just grow up and find a pair.

Spending needs to be cut drastically. Period. You can call the cuts severe, draconian, inhumane, I really don't give a shit. Times are tough, it's time for hard decisions, it's time to act like an adult. It's time for leadership - and our president is right now failing us on this front in spectacular fashion.

Because he is such an ideologue, or maybe it's because he's in George Soros' pocket, it doesn't really matter which; he insists on pushing the politics of fear and class warfare.

All these "millionaires and billionaires" need to pay their fair share. Are you kidding me? Raising taxes in a recession? Really?

And by the way, we're not really making any significant cuts to spending. We're just going to keep on keeping on - dumping money on education and health care for illegal immigrants, "social justice" programs that have a 60 year history of spectacular failure, random subsidies that reward non-productivity and provide incentive for incompetence and impotence in the face of todays global economy.

Yep, government is bigger than ever, and it's not shrinking any time soon. If the left has it's way, it will get it's tentacles into every aspect of our lives.

Have a fat kid? Child protective services will take him away.

Enjoy junk food? We're going to tax it.

We're going to take your money and give it to someone else, someone less fortunate than you. They deserve it. You don't. You have enough money already.

We need a level playing field.

We need things to be fair.

That 6 year old looks suspicious, better give her a pat down before she gets on the plane.

Nice restaurant. Is that trans-fat? You can't serve that. Seriously, it's illegal. Stop laughing.

Circumcision is immoral. We're going to make it illegal. Really. By the way we hate Jews.

Welcome to our Veteran's cemetery, by the way don't mention God. Ever.

And if you don't like any of this, you're a racist piece of shit.


Sorry, I got a bit carried away. Sort of.

I know it may seem that this laundry list of nanny state nonsense is unrelated to our current fiscal dilemma - but in my mind they are both part and parcel of the same problem. The left's unending obsession and fantasy about making things "fair".

There is nothing fair about our economic debacle, just as there is nothing fair about kids who eat crap and terrorists that blow up planes. But we do have to deal with these problems in a realistic fashion.

We cannot wish or hope these problems away. We cannot wave a magic wand and change what is in people's hearts or the cold reality of hard numbers.

We have to look at obstacles with a critical eye, and devise real world solutions.

You cannot legislate what's in people's hearts, just as you cannot steal money from successful people and give it to people that you deem worthy. It is a preposterous way of thinking and seeing the world.

Much better to make hard choices that will do the least damage in the long run.

When you tax job creators, you cost people jobs. When you give people hand outs rather than show them how to help themselves, you rob people of dignity and self worth. Even worse, you make them dependent on the state.

It is, in a very real way - a form of slavery.

This debt ceiling business is a perfect illustration of liberal versus conservative thinking. One side wants to simply take money out of American's pockets and then spend it all on the impossible dream of making things "fair."

The other side, my side, has had enough of dumping money down a black hole of failure. It is time for accountability. It is time for a social safety net that gives incentive and rewards to those who help themselves and discourages sloth, fraud and deceit from those who refuse to do their part.

If and when this country defaults for the first time in it's history - there will be no joy from either side of the aisle. It will be a tragic thing, but in the end it will be the misguided Robin Hood's of "social justice" that will be responsible for such a failure. They are the ones who are running the joint, they are the ones that will have to try and pick up the pieces, and they are the ones who will face the music in November of 2012.

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