Sunday, October 31, 2010

Handy Dandy Evil Voting Guide 2010

For California in 2010, this is how I roll.

For Guv'ner - unfortunately I have to vote for Arnold II; that would be the Meg Whitman, a phony republican who says one thing in english (that she's tough on illegal immigration) and something else in spanish. Whatever, at least she's not a political dinosaur and corrupt lying sack.

Lieutenant Governor - Abel Maldonado, even though he's an Ahnuld crony and as crooked as they come. I would have to commit seppuku if I cast a vote for Gavin Newsome.

Secretary of State - incumbent's gotta go. Voting for Damon Dunn, small business owner and not (so far) a corrupt democratic hack.

Controller - same as Secretary of State - old guard's gotta go. Voting for Strickland, who is just as bad as Maldanado, but not in the same universe of evil as Chiang.

Treasurer- gotta go with Mimi Walters. Can't screw our state any worse than Lockyer has.

Attorney General - this is the first no-brainer. Cooley is the man - the L.A. County DA who has helped drive the crime and homicide rates through the floor here in Los Angeles over the past five years. He is a guy I get excited about, because he is tough as nails and a total badass when it comes to crime.

Insurance Commissioner - Mike Villines is a liar and a fake republican who reneged on his promise to not vote for taxes in the legislature. That said, hell will freeze over before I vote for Dave Jones - so lying Mike gets the nod.

State Board of Equalization - so pathetic here in district 4 that we don't even have a republican candidate. So the libertarian, Pete De Baets get's the nod over the incumbent criminal Horton.

US Senator - Fiorina of course. Boxer turns my stomach for obvious reasons. I honestly don't think there is a dumber US Senator right now in Washington. Feinstein I may disagree with on a lot of stuff, but I can respect her tenacity and intelligence. Boxer... oye.

US Rep - Reed of course. Sherman's gotsta gotsta go. In line with Obama on every bad piece of legislation over the last 2 years.

State Assembly - Ramani, who doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell to win against Gatto and the rigged voting districts of the California legislature. (But hopefully prop 20 will fix that for next time).

Judges - don't know much, don't care much, but I go by these guidelines. Always pick the prosecutor - especially the gang prosecutor. Always avoid the defense attorneys. If it's a wash in these categories, go with kicking out the incumbent.

School Superintendent - This is a tough one, I hate both of them! One is a retured school superindendant (yuck!) the other a teacher and California Legislator! (Double yuck!) I'm going with the single yuck.

County Assessor - Going with Wong, only because Noguez is tied up with those Bell motherfuckers.

State Measures! Finally!

19 - Legalize Marjuana. Big hell yes on this one. Can't wait to get stoned. Actually, think it's none of the governments business and the war on drugs has been a huge failure.

20 - redistricting. Yes. Can't make things any worse.

21 - vehicle license fees for state parks. Hell no. Our state is the WORST when it comes to spending money efficiently and sensibly. This has as much to do with state parks as a fish does with a bicycle.

22 - Prohibits state from borrowing or taking funds blah blah blah. Too long. Voting NO.

23 - Suspends green jobs initiative until unemployment hits 5.5%. Big time YES.

24 - Repeals legislation that allows businesses to lower tax liability. NO. Duh.

25 - Changes budget passing from 2/3 to simple majority. NO. Our legislature is democrats. Do you think I'm crazy?

26 - Requires that state and local fees be approved by 2/3 vote. YES. Obv.

27 - Redistricting counter to 20. NO.

Well there it is, that's what Imma doing. I would hope that no matter how you vote, educate yourself and study the issues carefully. If you haven't been paying attention - do us all a favor and stay home. I am not from the "Vote or Die" school of thought. I'm from the - "Educate yourself and make an informed decision, otherwise don't vote." school. A bit more thoughtful and nuanced, but really the right way to go I think.

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