Thursday, September 09, 2010


So this crazy asshole in Florida plans to burn the Quran on September 11th.

What a jerk.

It will probably incite hatred, possibly violence and maybe even put American soldiers lives at risk.

I don't agree with this guy - I think what he is doing is wrong.

But I believe he has every right to do it without interference from our government.

The first amendment does not take sides, the Constitution is (thank God) impartial.

And as crazy and as wrong as this so called man of the cloth is, he's no worse than the radical Imam who seeks to divide Americans and incite hatred and fear by building an indoctrination center for Sharia law at Ground Zero.

Nor is he worse than the New York Times when they publish military secrets that put our troops in harms way.

He's just a lone kook.

The Imam has real power and influence over a large group of followers who will hang on his every word, and possibly even react violently if the GZ mosque has to be relocated.

The New York Times has an audience of millions who still believe that they are objective - and that they do no harm by exposing military intelligence and emboldening the enemy.

That so much attention has been paid to this lone nut ball, with even our president imploring him to restrain himself, and liberal elites falling all over themselves with anguish at the prospect of a few books being burned - strikes me as pretty ridiculous.

I am very skeptical that the elite bloggers and media stooges are genuinely righteous about protecting the Quran - to me it seems more like they are afraid of a violent reaction, that is - they are playing right into the hands of the radical Islamists.

People burn American flags all the time. No one raises an eyebrow.

Christ is routinely blasphemed in movies and television shows. Meh. So what?

But one jerk-off in Florida wants to torch a couple of books and it's the end of the world? Give me a break.

Muslims, even radical ones, have to learn that there is a price for freedom. All religions in a free society are targets, even theirs.

I wish they could get on board, like the rest of us have to, and fucking deal with it.

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