Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How Quickly We Forget

Seems like only yesterday that Bush 43 was being demonized for his failures, both at war and on the domestic front. That Iraq turned into a success and that his deficit is dwarfed by our current president's, is beside the point.

Bush was Satan incarnate - Hitler's spawn. The worst president of all time and a truly evil man. We could all pretty much agree on that.

Now Barack is in office, and seeks to take over a sixth of our economy (that would be health care) and has projected a 13 TRILLION dollar deficit by the year 2012. He'd also like to punish Wall Street (big business, rich fat cats, etc.) by over-regulating and taxing them into oblivion.

He's also escalated Bush's war in Afghanistan and is skeptical over the latest efforts by Arizona to stem the tide of illegal immigrants. He'd very much like to pass immigration reform first, before securing our borders, and give everyone who's snuck in here a path to citizenship. And actually, securing the borders, he probably won't bother with that.

He's also stated that a VAT (Value Added Tax, aka a National Sales Tax) is on the table as an option to help plug the deficit hole (okay, canyon). Excellent. More taxes will definitely help.

But remember, dear children, lest we forget - if you disagree with the ONE or say anything bad about him, you are a racist.

Clearly, I am a racist because I disagree with him, and think that a tenfold government expansion and an eightfold deficit expansion are bad ideas.

Not only am I racist, but I clearly I am inciting violence by speaking out.

Clearly, if Barack were white, and people disagreed with him, they would be much more respectful then they have been.

Like they were with Bush.

Oh wait... that's right, they were unhinged with Bush. Bush-deraingement syndrome, I think it was called.

Bush was: Hitler. Satan. Evil. Worst president ever.

If you believe this, you are exercising your right to free speech.

Obama is: Wrong. Socialist. Inexperienced. Naive. Incompetent. A charismatic speaker.

Clearly, if you believe this, you are a hate-mongering racist and you are inciting violence.

Glad we cleared that up.

Since I am a defacto hate-mongering, violence loving racist, it makes it much easier. Now we don't have to talk about the issues. You can just demonize me, the way you demonized Bush, and maybe even throw me in jail for sedition.

Damn, that first Amendment sure is pesky when it protects a clearly deranged tea-bagging bigot like myself.

We'll have to do something about that.

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