Monday, February 08, 2010

Super Lousy

Memo to "The Who": You are old.

Too old to play the superbowl half time show.

Forget "dad" rock. You are "grandpa" rock. Get off the stage and let somebody, oh I don't know, under 40 maybe, have a chance. Ridiculous to have grandpas singing songs about teenage angst.

The band was okay, but that's because they were all quite a bit younger than the two founding members (the other half of the band is dead, lest we forget).

Old doesn't mean useless, but it does mean that your time as a rock and roller on a national showcase is OVER.

Sure, let people like me and my parents spend ridiculous amounts of money on tickets to see these geezers in concert - yes, by the way, I'm a fan of the Who and I love their music. But I don't agree with subjecting the poor young people to this dinosaur stuff.

Rock and roll is for the young. New talent, new faces.

Rock is young, rock is angry - rock is not icy hot patches and bladder infections.

Rock is not content with life. Rock is not settled.

Rock is political. Rock is infused with energy.

These guys were tired about half way through.

As for new music, I don't have to like it. It can sound like noise to me - in fact, IT'S SUPPOSED TO SOUND LIKE NOISE TO ME!!! I'm 39! I'm not supposed to like it, or even get it.

That half-time show was all kinds of wrong, because Rock and Roll, REAL Rock and Roll - is about rebellion.

The Who are not rock and roll. They are classical music. Great classical music. Meant to be listened to quietly and enjoyed. Still good, still relevant, in the same way that Beethoven is.

Get somebody young up there, please.

Someone who is 19, and will spit on the camera, kick over a marshall stack and flip the bird.

At least someone who doesn't look like he's about to keel over from one windmill too many.

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