Saturday, November 14, 2009

Enough already.

The shooting spree at Fort Hood was not a random tragic occurrence committed by a mentally ill lost soul, it was a pre-meditated act of terrorism by an Islamic extremist who knew exactly what he was doing, why he was doing it and who he was doing it for.

In other news, seems as though we now want to bring the mastermind of 9/11 into our civilian courts and treat him like a common criminal. Another great idea. Even better that we give him a platform in New York (of all places) to legitimize him and make sure that his "views" are heard.

In the meantime civilian judges, many of whom are like most Americans and just don't get it, can allow the spilling of plenty of information in the courtroom about our intelligence gathering techniques so that other Islamo-facists can use this info to expedite killing us.

Fundamentally, it's a refusal by the current administration to acknowledge that we are at war, and it turns my stomach.

Treating this as a criminal justice issue, as Clinton did with the first WTC bombing is a huge step backwards.

9/11 wasn't just terrorism, it was an act of war. These men are not just criminals, they are war criminals and deserve to be treated as such - as have all enemy combatants over the last 100 years. We didn't haul Goering into a local courtroom in 1945, and it's preposterous to consider such an act today with men who are just as crazy and on top of that refuse to wear a uniform.

There is no wiggle room here for the forces of evil to somehow escape from a criminal justice system rife with the rights, technicalities and loopholes that we afford citizens of a free society.

Nor is it acceptable to give these same forces a platform (on the sacred ground of NYC of all places) to voice their madness.

Most importantly, we cannot allow the courtroom to be turned into a circus, a vessel for defense attorneys to not only do their utmost to free these men but to grandstand and downplay the all too real war on terror.

I know it's fashionable right now to deny that such a war exists, but to do so is to disgrace the memories of those who died on that fateful day and to dishonor the forces overseas who are fighting to put down the disciples of the 9/11 mastermind.

This whole matter to me reeks of politicized opportunism, and a genuine lack of intellectual honesty from this administration. Not to mention a staggering ignorance of history and of the true nature of evil.

But none of this matters as much as one inescapable fact. Most of the relatives of those who died on 9/11 are very angry about this - so that's good enough for me to be too.

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