Thursday, December 18, 2008

If the shoe fits...

Did you see the President duck? Man, even if you can't stand the guy, you've got to admit - the man's got some moves.

I myself look at the presidency of George W. Bush as overall, a failure. A failure to be a true conservative - to do what Reagan did, cut government spending and let the market be mostly free. This recent subversion of the will of the people, after the Senate categorically rejected the Big 3 bailout, to throw 17+ billion at these corporations that are "too big to fail" is pretty reprehensible.

It illustrates far better than all the war on terror related examples pointed to by the anti-military left, how this administration has truly been ruled by men, rather than the rule of law.

If you want to talk about ignoring the Constitution, and the principles it was founded on - the idea of limited government and freedom for the individual to achieve AND fail - look no further than the class of 2000. The big government Republican, the "compassionate" conservative, is an abject failure when it comes to business and prosperity.

But as for the war on terror - sorry, W. and his ilk got it right. I will concede that Iraq probably wasn't the best place to fight it. But If you want the most incredibly compelling example that it was ultimately a good thing, look no further than the shoe throwing chump below. I wonder if he would have been so emboldened to try the same stunt with the previous leader of Iraq?

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