Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama, Pelosi & Reid - Oh my.

Read on if you like, but be forewarned - Darth Vader is in the house at this moment.

The election is finally upon us - and I plan to vote for McCain.

I'm just about the only one I know in my circle of friends and family who is casting his vote for evil. The rest of the lot want sunshine, rainbows and lollipops. Well, they're welcome to it.

I really am trying to be optimistic, but it really seems like a lose-lose for us gun-loving, bible-clinging folks.

If McCain loses, then we really do face the unholy trilogy of Obama, Pelosi & Reid. An unfettered socialist juggernaut that will potentially dwarf even big government republican spender George W. Bush in the amount of well intentioned but ineffective social programs; not the least of which is the nightmarish scenario of government run health care.

And then there's the whole "spread the wealth around" mentality - which are the literal words of the democratic candidate. No really, he actually said this. And he's still favored to win the election. This alone demonstrates the level of hatred and disgust with our current president.

A few weeks ago Obama promised he would lower taxes for everyone making less than 250K a year. Just recently that number has dropped to 125K. Guess who makes about that a year? I can't wait for the number to drop again after he wins. That way, I can give some of my hard earned cash to those who really deserve it - the ones who dropped out of high school and are struggling to make ends meet with multiple kids and various habits involving narcotics.

I'm just a selfish bastard for wanting to hold on to the fruits of my labor I guess. And Biden thinks I'm unpatriotic.


If McCain wins, then I have to put up with four more years of the blame game of how the election was stolen and how our country is a racist pile of dung. Plus McCain may just revert to his old "Maverick" (read - liberal) self, and give W. a real run for his money in spending and opening the flood gates for illegal aliens.

Whatever. It will all be over soon.

I guess this may be what it takes to wake people up. When the massive victory party, complete with Roman columns no doubt, finally dies down - and the emperor has to deal with actually being president, then we'll really find out where we stand. Under the leadership of an inexperienced ideologue, who cut his teeth as a fundraiser for social programs driven by the ideals of wealth redistribution and social "justice". Obama will have to face the music on November 5th, and his on the job training will begin.

I just pray that he has enough good people around him to lift him out of the fog of false compassion that blinds his base.

Close to two years ago, I bet money with a couple of my friends that Obama would be our next president. I took advantage of their fear based Berkeley mindset (our country would NEVER elect a black man as president) and managed to bet a good amount on what I knew was almost a sure thing, even before Obama was the democratic nominee. I had seen his speeches, I knew I was looking at the next president. Man I hate being right sometimes. Still, I look forward to collecting my winnings so I can donate them to the RNC.

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