Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscars! (Anger rising...)

So angry...still shaking....about threw my tv through the wall.

So Tom Hanks comes out and decides he's going to "let" the troops participate in the most magic of nights for Hollywood. We go to Baghdad and through the wonders of satellite technology we get five chipper soldiers, one from each branch of service, cheerfully THANK THE ACADEMY and then announce the nominees and winner for documentary short subject.


And Tom Hanks, whom I've admired for his staunch support of veterans, couldn't be bothered to thank them.


Of course the winner was one of a number of anti-America hatchet jobs taking square aim at, you guessed it - our troops! Having DVR'd the show, I rewound to look at the winners face when his name was announced as a nominee. You could see him wince at the fact that an American soldier was saying his name. Then he gets up on stage and takes several shots at our military of course, again, like Hanks, neglecting to thank them or even remotely acknowledge the fact that the entire evening wouldn't even be possible if not for our brave men and women in uniform. Anger, rising....

Also, delightfully awful - high heeled peacocks and their sugar daddies wearing orange ribbons. Protesting the treatment of prisoners in Gitmo. Perhaps they'd like to be treated the way al qaeda treats their prisoners (cut off hands and feet anyone?) or the religious police in Saudi Arabia who recently yanked a westerner out of a Starbucks and beat her for three days for sitting with a man.

And John Stewart needs to hang it up. How much more of his pedantic, smug and smarmy "jokes" do we have to put up with? Not funny dude; it works better when you're by yourself on a colorful set with a fancy graphic behind your head - but here, you need to step it up a bit. We get it - your a self-absorbed lib of the worst kind; a fear mongering spiteful narcissist who hates the military and is going to vote for a socialist just so you can get rid of your white guilt. Whatever.

Overall, a lousier night than usual. At least George Clooney didn't win.

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