Thursday, October 04, 2007

More Scare Tactics

Don't read this post!

So much idiocy this last week, it's hard to know where to start.

First, Sean Penn on David Letterman going on and on about what a great guy Hugo Chavez is. This guy makes Paris Hilton seem smart.

Also, up to the same old tricks, the left has renewed their character assassination attacks against Clarence Thomas with the release of his memoirs (an excellent read about an amazing man by the way) - they just can't stand the fact that the most influential black people in this country (Thomas, Rice, Powell) just happen to be conservative. Newsflash; as my coworker Sam (who happens to be black) likes to say "Jesse Jackson is not the ambassador for black people."

Continuing this thread with the whole General Betray-Us mentality (where apparently you don't need to debate if you just call your opponent a liar and a traitor) is this excellent article on the ridiculous situations at Duke and Columbia respectively. If you don't want to read all that - in a nutshell; the falseley accused Duke athletes got lynched by their school and minuteman leader Jim Gilchrist got shouted down and disinvited from Columbia while Iran's crazy ass president got the red carpet treatment. So much for content of character and the first amendment. (These things only apply when they fit your world view, donchaknow.)

Not saying that republicans haven't done this kind of thing before, in fact they are pretty much masters of this technique; it just saddens me that the democrats smell blood in the water (a presidential victory in '08) and are now determined to get down in the mud with us righties.

The fairness doctrine is the next fun project, where the "marketplace of ideas" that are so often espoused by liberals is likely to be slammed shut in the interests of "equal time" - meaning, the government will determine the content of what you hear on the radio.

I told you not to read this! How about those Rockies? I'm a Phillies fan myself, but those Colorado boys have the smell of destiny about them these days.

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Daughter Product said...

Funny that smell the rockies had was much like the scent of Hugo Chavez, this year. woosh what a game