Monday, November 27, 2006


Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, even more so since I've traveled the globe, through all manner of first and third world countries. I've seen first hand why we are so lucky to be living in this great country. Being grateful is so important these days, when global despair and pervading helplessness threaten to cloud the truth that we are truly blessed in every way that matters.

This year was also especially gratifying for me personally, for the past six weeks I've been on Jenny Craig, and as of this past Turkey Day I have lost thirty pounds. It has been the best gift I could give myself, though there is plenty of credit to go around. My mom and my brother for constantly being in my ear about my health and future. My wife for setting a hard date for going to Jenny Craig. And especially my beautiful two year old girl for being the number one reason to live healthier.

I also got to visit my dad and east coast mom earlier this month, it was great to see them as well; I hope they can come out in January and see the munchkin.

All in all a great month, Wednesday night I get to see the Barenaked Ladies with my brother. An excruciatingly detailed review will follow.

God bless my family and friends, best wishes for an equally good December and an even better new year.


Elizabeth said...

Manzoniman, you rock! So says a completely unbiased reader.

Elizabeth said...
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