Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The truth hurts.

This one may be a bit hard to handle for some.

I am at a loss right now to understand why anyone would sympathize with Hezbollah or Hamas over the current spate of killing in the Middle East.

Am I crazy? Or is this what really happened?

Israel withdraws from all of it's occupied territories. The Palestinians promptly elect terrorists as their leaders, and then attack. Coming across the border into Israel, killing some soldiers and kidnapping others.

Israel leaves Lebanon for good in 2000. Hezbollah promptly becomes entrenched along the border, stocking up on Iranian and Syrian rockets. Then a couple of weeks ago they decide to launch these rockets into cities and kill and kidnap some Israeli soldiers as well.

I'm waiting for the part where Israel provoked these actions. I'm waiting to hear about the atrocities the Jews committed to warrant such actions from their neighbors.

Still waiting.

What is more astonishing to me is that the UN, most of the EU and yes, even some people in this country - including Jews, are saying that Israel has overreacted and there needs to be a cease fire. No really, I'm not joking.

There are people so blind in this world, so full of self-loathing, that they can't see that we are in a third world war. With attacks on civilians from islamo-fascists on every continent except Antarctica, the wackos have gone global. And yet somehow it is Americas fault. We are the bad guys.

I guess this patently insane belief will be comforting when the next major attack on our shores arrives. Thousands of Americans dead, oh well. The chickens have come home to roost, we got what we deserved.

Sorry, I don't buy it.

Here is the hard truth. I know people don't want to hear this, but I fear it is unavoidable. I pray for peace in our time, but to achieve this we will most likely have to go down a dark path first.

History shows us, history has made clear - that the only way this will end, the only way to a lasting peace, is when we make it so incredibly painful for our enemies to attack us - that they will stop.

I fear we must kill, and kill, and kill. And then kill some more. We did it with the Nazis. And we must do it to these fanatics, who are the current embodiment Nazism.

Guess what. Hitler is here, in the form of religious zealots who see peace only through death and domination. And it's not just a few radicals in caves.

The government of Iran has made it clear that the starting point for their diplomacy is to wipe Israel of the face of the earth. I ask, how do you deal with this incontestable fact?

If we are smart we will strike first, before it is too late. Iran is building nukes, and make no mistake, they WILL use them. God willing, we will have the courage to do what is right and take down their nuclear capabilities with swift and precise military action.

If we wait until they strike first, then we will have to kill millions upon millions of mostly innocent Iranians. (And God help us all if it comes to that.) The scary part is, the maniacal leaders of Iran know this.

And they don't care.

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