Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Okay, enough with the terrorist!

I'm off to Vegas this weekend where I'll partake in my first ever No-Limit Texas Hold-em Tournament. Yikes! I'm a bit scared of losing my $60 buy in, but I'm more scared of going out too quickly. I'll probably play really tight and get blinded out, but that's okay. Should be fun.

Poker has been on my mind of late, and you just have to read this article.

It puts the game, especially Hold-em, into perspective. It turns out, that poker is not about winning, indeed, it's about losing the majority of time; but making correct decisions as often as you can is how you keep financially in the black.

And, as the article concludes, poker is a great lesson for life. Bad luck will, repeat WILL, raise it's ugly head sometimes. But if you have your own head in the right place - and make correct decisions, you should have no regrets about what could have been because you wouldn't have done it differently.

I'll post a full Vegas report next week. Until then, may all your hands be wild and your pots be monsters, or some such.

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